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Event promotion can be a slog, but if you're booking events and not promoting them, you won't be booking them for long.

Your widget will automatically promote your booked events in real-time on your website.

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With a 2 minute setup, promote your events in real-time by allowing your website to connect and communicate with your Muso account. 

All bookings, edits, and cancellations will be instantly reflected on your website, allowing you to focus
on blown kegs, persistent reps, and thirsty punters.

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As simple as vodka, lime, and soda.

In 5 simple steps you'll be up and running. Follow the steps below and become an event marketing machine.


Create a Muso profile

live music can be intimidating if you’ve never done it before so we’ve created a marketplace for you to upload gigs that suit your budget and allows the artists to come to you. If you’re already an established music venue, with or without a booking agent, we have tools that allow you to upload your entire roster of artists in order to streamline organisation and payment.


Find the Gig Widget builder in the more menu

You'll find the builder in the sidebar under the more menu


Customise your widget to match your website

Choose the data you would like displayed on your gig widget e.g. displaying gigs from multiple venues or just one; multiple artist types or just one.

Choose your brand colours; light and dark themes; the information displayed in headings and subheadings; how you'd like the widget to scroll on your page.


Create multiple widgets

If you have separate pages for music events and other events, such as trivia and comedy nights, you can choose to make multiple gig widgets to display venue and event-specific data.


Add the tag to your page

When you have saved your widget, a tag (snippet of code) will be generated for you with instructions which you can pass onto your developer to implement.

What our clients say:

“Coming from someone who has been booking entertainment in venues for 15 years, Muso is an absolute blessing. Being able to easily search for new artists that will compliment my venue, then have these booked events automatically promoted on our website has changed the game for me. I wish this was around 10 years ago!”

Ben, Australian Venue Co.

“I'd say Muso is an excellent way of getting musicians in your venue and performing quickly and efficiently, and you are more than likely to stumble upon someone who really brings the perfect vibe to your business. It has made organizing, discovering artists, and promoting events very streamlined, which allows me to focus on running the venue”

Lachlan, SunnyBoy Beach Club.

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